Seven ways to get shiny, healthy hair

Get enough protein
As your hair is product of keratin, a protein, now not getting enough protein on your eating regimen can cause dry, brittle strands, says the nutritionist Jo Lewin. She recommends including fowl, turkey, fish, dairy products and eggs into your eating regimen. Good assets for vegetarians and vegans are legumes, nuts, tofu and quinoa. Complex carbohydrates and iron are also critical.

Brush hair lightly
The trichologist Anabel Kingsley notes that weight loss plan, even though critical, will handiest beef up newly forming strands, no longer hair that has already grown. She says the usage of the incorrect brush is one of the most not unusual causes of breakage, and advises using a brush with plastic, rounded prongs. Brushing hair from the ends and gently running your way to the pinnacle of the head additionally facilitates avoid snapping strands.

Air dry your hair when viable
Hairdryers and heated styling equipment can leave hair brittle and missing in shine. “Heat can, in a experience, cook dinner the hair,” says the dermatologist Dr Zoe Draelos. “Think of it like a piece of steak – it starts out great and smooth and bendy, but while you cook it, the steak adjustments texture and turns into hard. Similarly, hair transforms whilst exposed to warmness over time.” She recommends permitting hair to air dry when feasible, and if the usage of a hairdryer, to use a defensive spray or serum and to start out on the lowest putting earlier than gradually growing the heat.

Exfoliate your scalp
Cold weather can exacerbate dandruff. Shampoos containing zinc pyrithione or salicylic acid are encouraged to deal with dandruff, or, for a inexpensive alternative, strive the Guardian beauty columnist Sali Hughes’s home made recipe: pour sea salt flakes into shampoo and rub energetically into the scalp pre-bathe.

Manage strain
Stress can cause hair loss, says Kingsley. Exercise, a healthful weight-reduction plan, meditation and prioritising sleep all help to de-strain body and mind.

Hydrate grey hair
Grey hair is often finer and more fragile, however can appearance coarser because of oil glands producing less sebum as we age. Matt Hawes, of Josh Wood Colour, advises using a hydrating and moisturising conditioner and oils consisting of argan and jojoba as part of a recurring to melt hair and counteract dullness. Purple- and blue-toned merchandise are also designed to decorate grey hair.

Have regular trims
It is crucial to get rid of cut up ends before the damage travels upwards. Charlotte Mensah, more than one winner of the exceptional Afro hairstylist on the British Hairdressing awards, recommends a trim every six to eight weeks. “Even although it is less obvious than with directly hair, Afro hair needs to be trimmed frequently to ensure you have got better curl definition.”

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