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The Need To Use PC and Internet Technology More Productively In African Societies

Africans Need To Open Up To Technology

Too frequently I see people in 21st century African societies clinging to antique ways of doing matters – almost as if fearful of the new and every now and then notably exclusive ALTERNATIVE methods now made feasible by means of advancements in generation.

A best example of this is readily seen inside the triumphing attitude towards using PC/Internet era. I actually have travelled to a number of African states and cities in my personal united states, Nigeria. The trouble persists: People have a seeming aversion for putting those effective and price-powerful tools to efficient use.

Don’t get me incorrect. We are the use of those tools. BUT it’s miles what we use them for maximum times, that I quarrel with. Forget the 419 Yahoo! Mail scam artists. Theirs is a fallout of THIS. Information Technology is for a THINKING society’s use in creating and developing fee adding assets that advantage others. What I see is that lots of us just love to purchase, very own and SHOW OFF our IT tools, as opposed to exploiting them to transport to the following level.

Large majorities of our human beings stay in awe of Internet generation, rather than seeing it because the greatest leveler of all instances, that TODAY makes it possible for any willing person from any a part of the sector to exert a felt effect on people and places worldwide, without physically getting there!

Why Don’t Our Schools Use PC/Internet Technology Well?

Why for example is it that we do no longer have a proliferation of instructional institutions using the Internet to cheaply pass on knowledge to their freshmen in a manner with the intention to allow the latter to pay LESS tuition – if at all any?

No, I do now not accept that what schools and some universities are presently doing by way of having computer facilities equates to what I am describing here. What I am after is the ACTIVE use of the PC and Internet era as a method of extra efficaciously turning in knowledge to newbies within and past the neighborhood environment.

THAT is NOT going on in our institutions presently. Yes, they conduct pc and Internet appreciation instructions, BUT it’s where it ends. There is very little effort placed into using those gear to CREATE and INNOVATE. That’s why our instructional establishments cannot boast of having internet site (if they have an internet website online that is!) visitors that come often to browse and beneficial gaining knowledge of substances developed by their OWN instructors/students or academics/college students.

Many times it’s far the members of OUR institutions that go online to websites of OTHER institutions in developed societies to search for and down load statistics about our very own societies! Even if they were to be patriotic and tried to discover web web sites run through Africans living in Africa, their probabilities of finding the precise (and up to date) records they need could be slender.

Africans In Diaspora Use The Internet Better – & MORE

Frequently, when we do have Africans retaining moderately up to date web sites, a little checking quickly well-knownshows the web page is run through Africans based totally in evolved societies. Yet, the reality is that it’s miles NOT that our local environment makes it difficult to use PC/Internet era this manner. My non-public stories affirm this.

It is clearly a count of some form of mental “barrier” or limit we’ve imposed on ourselves and which desires to be damaged through through each people if we’re to face any chance at all of taking gain of these gear to enhance the lives of our humans.

SOME EXCEPTIONS: By the way, there are exceptions to this trendy problem in Africa that I bitch about right here. If you strive visiting internet websites maintained by way of universities in African international locations like South Africa, Egypt, and a few others, you may almost suppose they’re not primarily based here.

ANY Individual Can Use The Internet Profitably

As a self-employed character in a society wherein the income/marketing fees may be quite high and erratic, I actually have efficiently installed and maintained a considerably high profile net presence in keeping with my business imaginative and prescient.

My e-mail subscriber database has grown as more humans request some loose offers furnished in my articles. Note that they do this of their very own loose will and that suggests they now not simplest located my article thrilling sufficient to be beneficial, but they had been also inspired sufficient to move one step further to request copies of additional data that I provided in the frame of my writings.

If I can do the foregoing, with the limited assets I have, then ANY African individual or corporation can obtain comparable, if now not better, effects.

It Actually Costs VERY VERY Little To Maintain A Web web site

And to think that it could cost less than $50 naira equal to pay for area name registration and hosting for a easy website. Add to this the fact that diverse website design equipment now allow even a newbie build and keep a respectable internet website online presence. One wonders then what many of us are anticipating?

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