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Clash of Lights APK | Clash of lights from Home Latest 2019

I know you will be Familiar with the clash of lights and you eagerly want to unlock new troopsupgrade town hall and want to take revenge…but tired Playing Game with Shitty Rules?

Clash of Lights Apk:

Welcome to best Private Server Provider ClashLovers yes today we are going to discuss clash of lights.  This is the best server for clash of clans by using this server you can get all of the paid resources like gems etc free. Lights servers are safe to use and you must have to try at one you will just love it. Let’s move to the main topic.

As you know Clash of Lights APK is getting popular among clash of clan fans because of its stunning features. Clash of Clans is a quite tricky game because there are the very limited amounts of resources available and players have to wait for long to unlock various achievements. Clash of Lights APK is here to remove all the limitation of resources which are stopping you from progression. It is one of the private servers where you get an unlimited amount of gold, gems, and elixir. Clash of Lights works same like the clash of clans but it doesn’t clash of clans, they both are different from each other. Just like trainers Clash of Light APK helps to remove all the limitation so that you can play clash of clans without doing many struggles for gems, gold, and other resources. In this article, we will be giving you a detailed introduction of the clash of lights servers along with their features. So let’s get started.

clash of lights apk

clash of lights apk

As we all know that Clash of lights Apk is getting popular every day and increasing number of Clash of Clans fans are now turning to it for all that it has to offer. In Clash of Clans game, there is a slow but steady up-gradation of town hall or our army etc.

Yes, despite the popularity of Clash of Clans, many crazy players of the game don’t love the fact that there are limited resources available and they have to wait long for unlocking achievements and progressing within the game. You might be thinking of making large and strong army but in the fastest way.

Clash of Lights S1

By using Clash of Lights S1 you will attain remarkable combat strategy which will enable you to build towns and villages quickly in short period of time. You can utilize maximum available resources to create a friendly and peaceful environment for villagers to live. It is a first private server, and it is called FHX server which is known as one of the utmost perfect servers. When you are stuck in a battle or trapped between your enemies, S1 will give you a head start to overcome all these problems. Now we will discuss some key features of this private server S1.

  • There are no limitations in S1.
  • You can now generate unlimited amount of Gold, Gems, and Elixir free of cost.
  • Unlock dragon tower, arch tower, barbarian tower and which tower using S1.
  • Unlock all the enemy traps and decorations.
  • Create your army with more than 600 slots.
  • Create new friends and play with them in a single clan.
Clash of Lights S2

Clash of Lights S2

Clash of Lights S2

Clash of Lights S2 ensures you battle techniques while you can quickly settle down various towns to enable living condition for villagers. It is also known as the clash of lights magic server and it’s unique as compared to other private servers in terms of features. This amazing server will give you remarkable edge when you stuck in a fight or can’t find any way to defeat an enemy. The most noteworthy thing about this server is that it can work perfectly on your android phone without rooting it. Let’s discuss some key features of this server which you will surely love to experience.

  • Works perfectly with Android.
  • You can now make unique army dresses.
  • Unlimited resources and build everything with no time.
  • Fast and Efficient server.
  • Use maximum number of powers and strength to create something unique.
  • Now you can build custom heroes and buildings.
  • Buy heroes of your own choice and maximum number of troops from the store.

Clash of Lights S3

It is also known as a clash of souls server or S3 because of its outstanding features which we will discuss in this paragraph. It works with utmost perfection with iOS and Android without rooting your phones. It also offers you the tremendous head begin if you are stuck in a fight or unable to defeat your enemy. In order to understand the exact working of this server, you need to read these following features carefully.

  • Create your own characters without any limitations.
  • It works very fast without causing any lag or glitch.
  • This amazing server is 24/7 up with 99.9% uptime.
  • You can now open new island tower, legendary tower, and beast tower with this server.
  • Make your armed forces stronger and their bases.
  • Works perfectly with Android and IOS.

Clash of Lights S4

As you know there are certain restrictions in a clash of clans and for that, you will need various private servers in order to remove the limits. Like S1, S2, and S3 this server will also help you to remove various limitations which we will discuss in this paragraph along with its key features. Many people are still unaware about Clash of Lights S4 and its working. These are the following Core benefits of using S4.

  • Gives you the unlimited amount of Gems, Gold, and Elixir.
  • Create your very own alliances.
  • Build your villages and towns.
  • Train your troops for battles.


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