Judge rules Americans can secretly record public officials in victory for Project Veritas

A federal decide dominated Monday that Americans have a right to secretly document their public officers, together with police, while they are engaged in their authorities obligations. U.S. District Chief Judge Patti B. Saris stated a Massachusetts regulation banning mystery recordings violates the First Amendment with regards to government employees, rejecting the state’s claims that […]

Older Americans Are Flocking to Medical Marijuana

Oils, tinctures and salves — and from time to time old-fashioned buds — are more and more not unusual in seniors’ houses. Doctors warn that popularity has outstripped scientific evidence. Shari Horne broke her ft a decade in the past, and after surgery, “I have plates and pins and screws in my feet, and they […]

Can We Really Inherit Trauma?

In mid-October, researchers in California published a examine of Civil War prisoners that came to a notable end. Male kids of abused struggle prisoners have been about 10 percentage more likely to die than their friends had been in any given 12 months after center age, the look at stated. The findings, the authors concluded, […]

Is Screen Time Bad for Kids’ Brains?

A technology ago, dad and mom involved about the outcomes of TV; earlier than that, it turned into radio. Now, the priority is “display time,” a catchall term for the amount of time that youngsters, in particular preteens and teenagers, spend interacting with TVs, computers, smartphones, digital pads, and video video games. This age institution […]

Seven ways to get shiny, healthy hair

Get enough protein As your hair is product of keratin, a protein, now not getting enough protein on your eating regimen can cause dry, brittle strands, says the nutritionist Jo Lewin. She recommends including fowl, turkey, fish, dairy products and eggs into your eating regimen. Good assets for vegetarians and vegans are legumes, nuts, tofu […]

What You Can Do With a Biology Degree

One common false impression approximately biology levels is that the handiest types of jobs someone with those credentials can get are as a lab scientist or a health care company. But Bridgette McDonald, director of profession offerings at Clayton State University in Georgia, emphasizes that although biology degree holders frequently pursue careers in health care […]

When Weather and School Segregation Collide

WHEN A MAJOR WINTER storm ripped across the South over the weekend, dumping almost a foot of snow in elements of North Carolina and prompting a few faculty systems to cancel lessons Monday, it sparked a public debate about school segregation. “Long thread about our countywide faculty device and inclement weather,” Wake County faculties posted […]

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